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Cafe Sport Restaurant

Take a delicious vacation on our seafood menu

Meet us by water to enjoy authentic, immaculately prepared authentic Portuguese seafood and fish. From shrimp and lobster to generous medleys and combinations, you'll never go hungry when you take a swim through the warm, relaxing waters of our seafood selections. Indulge your appetite even more by pairing your favorite seafood dish with one of our signature appetizers, soups or salads!


Paelha Valenciana

The classic seafood combination, with chicken and sausage in saffron rice.

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Bacalhau Assado

Grilled Cofish with Green Peppers & Onions topped with hot olive oil & garlic


Paelha Marinheira

Seafood combination in saffron rice.


Mariscada Em Salsa Verde

Seafood combination in a parsley sauce.


Mariscada A Zarzuela

Seafood combination in a tomato sauce.


Lagosta Em Salsa Verde

Lobster in a parsley sauce.


Lagosta Recheada

Stuffed lobster.


Rabos De Lagosta Em Molho Champanhe

Lobster tails in a champagne sauce.


Camarao A Cafe Sport

Grilled shrimp in a house sauce.


Camarao Em Salsa Verde

Grilled shrimp in a parsley sauce.



Salmão Grelhado

Grilled Salmon, Plain or with Dijon Mustard Sauce


Filete Linguado a Francesa

Filet of Sole in a Lemon & Wine Sauce


Filete de Liguado a Madeirese

Filet of Sole topped with Banana


Bacalhau a Marialva

Fried Codfish topped with onions & Round fries


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